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AMT0001 Amethyst – 14.19ct

Rs 154,000.00

B0018 Silver Amethyst stone Bracelet

Rs 45,000.00

N0001 Silver Necklace set with 19 pcs Amethyst (0.00Cts) and Cubic Zirconia

Rs 425,000.00

P0005 Silver Amethyst with A/D Pendant

Rs 75,000.00

P0008 Silver Amethyst & Citrine Stone Pendant

Rs 85,000.00

P0009 Silver Amethyst with A/D Stone Pendant

Rs 85,000.00

P0011 Silver Amethyst with small stone Pendant

Rs 155,000.00

R0010 925 Silver Ring set with 1 pc Cabochon Amethyst (12.00Cts)

Rs 75,000.00

R0034 925 Silver Ring set with 4 pcs Peridot ,4 pcs Citrine and 7 pcs Amethyst (10.00Cts)

Rs 125,000.00

R0046 925 Silver Ring set with 1 pc Amethyst (2.00Cts)

Rs 49,000.00

R0056 925 Silver Ring Set with 1pc Oval shape Amethyst (2.50cts) & 4pcs CZ

Rs 52,500.00

R0058 925 Silver Ring Set with 3pcs Marquise shape Peridot,Topaz & Amethyst (0.70cts)

Rs 52,500.00

R0116 Amethyst Ring

Rs 65,000.00

R0172 Amethyst 5K Ring

Rs 90,000.00

R0174 Amethyst,citrine,Ruby Ring

Rs 55,000.00

S0002 Silver Amethyst Necklace, Bracelet & Earring Jewelry set.

S0002B Silver 84 pcs Amethyst Bracelet.

Rs 125,000.00

S0002N Silver Necklace Set with 232 pcs Amethyst

Rs 275,000.00